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For the past five years, Junior Entreprise Genève has been growing in size and expertise faster than ever before. Seeking excellence, we have improved our processes each year; developing what was lacking in the organization and eliminating the unnecessary. While they still remain affordable for entrepreneurs, we expanded our range of services and we raised our quality standards.

All this hard and relentless work allowed us to reach new heights; and to become finalists for the Excellence Award 2017 of the Best Junior Entreprise in Switzerland. Being finalists has been a great honor and achievement, all the more since we were facing our friends and colleagues from the talented and renowned Junior Entreprise EPFL.

This last year we collaborated, shared our best practices and gathered around the same passion more than ever. Sharing the finale with them was a real pleasure and we are truly glad for them to have been awarded the title of Best Junior Entreprise in Switzerland. We look forward to strengthen our mutual partnership and to keep growing together!

Being recognized as second best Junior Entreprise in Switzerland taught us a lot.
We are now more aware than ever of what we already accomplished so far, and seeing the immense potential that remains in our Junior Enterprise, we are more motivated than ever to further improve ourselves, work even harder, and come back next year even stronger.

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